Successful Bike Recovery Thanks To Lancashire Police

15 May 2024

Lancashire Constabulary successfully returned a bike to it's rightful owner recently, thanks to the frame being marked with a BikeRegister Membership Plus Kit

Collaborative Efforts Help Reduce Cycle Crime by 15% in West Yorkshire

2 May 2024

Over the last few years, West Yorkshire Police have spearheaded partnerships with 3 local authorities to promote the use of BikeRegister, with the ultimate goal to reduce cycle crime in the local areas.

City of London Police’s Layered Approach to Improving Cycle Safety

29 Apr 2024

City of London Police have initiated a new Cycle Response Unit in order to crack down on cycle safety.

Highway Cycles Partners with BikeRegister to Deter Cycle Crime

23 Apr 2024

With cycle theft on the rise, retailers are having to take proactive measures to ensure that the bikes stay in the hands of the rightful owner, including partnering with BikeRegister to deter theft.

Proactive Bike Recovery thanks to Avon and Somerset Police

19 Apr 2024

A stolen bike was recently reunited with its rightful owner, thanks to proactive policing and the use of BikeRegister.

Bike Thefts Fall by 15% in Leeds

15 Apr 2024

Due to the rising rates of bike theft in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council have partnered with BikeRegister to offer bike marking in order to deter and reduce cycle crime.

Merseyside Police Gear Up to Reduce Cycle Crime

10 Apr 2024

In response to increasing levels of cycle crime, a strong partnership approach with BikeRegister and a focus on prevention is helping to tackle theft and robbery offences involving high-value bikes.

Cambridge Cycle Thefts down by 35%

8 Apr 2024

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have recognised that cycle crime is the “most prevalent single offence category” in Cambridge, and have proactively reduced cycle theft within the city by using BikeRegister.

Surge Bikes Fights Back Against Cycle Crime

3 Apr 2024

Surge Bikes, an e-bike retailer based in Basingstoke, have proactively taken measures to deter cycle theft by partnering with BikeRegister – the UK’s National Cycle Database.

The Cycle Co Gears up to Tackle Cycle Crime

28 Mar 2024

Retailers across the country are amplifying their processes in order to combat the rising pressures of cycle crime in partnership with BikeRegister

Bike Recovery Success Thanks to Vigilant Member of Public

24 Mar 2024

A member of the public discovered he bought a stolen bike off eBay. He explains how BikeRegister helps him reunited it with its rightful owner.

Colchester Cyclist Reclaims Stolen Bike Thanks to BikeRegister

20 Mar 2024

A cyclist from Colchester was reunited with her bike earlier this month, when it was stolen outside her local shopping centre, thanks to BikeRegister.

Fettle Makes its Mark with BikeRegister

8 Mar 2024

Cyclists are set to benefit from a new bike marking partnership with Fettle, following a successful launch event in the Fettle-KwikFit workshop in Bristol.

MathWorks Takes Proactive Measures to Deter Bike Theft

23 Feb 2024

To help deter bike thieves, MathWorks, an organisation that specialises in mathematical computing software, at Cambridge Science Park hosted a bike marking event for their staff.

Proactive Measures to Deter E-Bike Theft

26 Jan 2024

Retailers and manufacturers now realise that ‘fear of theft’ is a very legitimate barrier to customers buying high-value bikes, in particular e-bikes.

60% Reduction in Cycle Thefts in Cambridge City Centre

26 Jan 2024

In 2020, Cambridge City Community Safety Partnership initiated a multi-agency task group, chaired by Cambridge City Council, to combat cycle crime and anti-social behaviour. As a result, there has been a 60% reduction in cycle thefts from 2019 to 2022.

Personal Robbery Reduced by 63% in Merseyside

3 Jan 2024

Officers from across various police forces took place in 'Operation Calibre' from the 6th - 12th November, in order to tackle robbery and serious violence.

Cycle Crime Conference 2023: Let’s Beat Cycle Crime Together

5 Sep 2023

This year’s national Cycle Crime Conference delivered a strong message to delegates - ‘Let’s Beat Cycle Crime Together’. Now in its eighth year, the July conference was hosted by BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database, and held at West Midlands Police Training Centre in Birmingham.

Bike Registered AFTER Theft Recovered Within 3 Days

22 Aug 2023

A Birdy R & M Rohloff 14-gear folding bike worth £4,000 and belonging to bike enthusiast Fran Jones was stolen on the first day of her new job in London.

Bike Crime Gang Disrupted

22 Mar 2023

Leaving a bike unlocked for just a few seconds is all it takes to give a thief a window of opportunity, as Southampton cyclist Mark Evans (pictured) was unfortunate enough to learn.

Recovered after 3 Days

8 Mar 2023

A woman from Worcester Park was delighted to have her stolen Tern bike returned to her amazingly quickly after being put up for sale just days after the theft.

Community Project with University of Oxford

26 Jan 2023

Oxford Neighbourhood Watch has been working with University of Oxford on a collaborative research project that aims to understand more about bike theft locally.

National Cycle Crime Conference Hits The Road

1 Aug 2022

This year the national Cycle Crime Conference switched up a gear and took to the open road. Now in its seventh year the conference, hosted by BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database, became a roadshow and was held across two venues – one in Bristol and one in Leeds.

Bike Marking Success At South Hatfield Event

25 Apr 2022

A successful bike marking event was held by the Safer Neighbourhood Team in South Hatfield, Hertfordshire, recently.

Olympic Champion Alistair Brownlee Announces Partnership With BikeRegister

31 Mar 2022

Double Olympic gold medallist Alistair Brownlee MBE has today announced a partnership with BikeRegister, the national Police-preferred, bicycle marking and registration scheme. 

Jail Sentence & Criminal Behaviour Order For Bike Thief

25 Mar 2022

The recent conviction of a prolific bike thief is the latest success for Avon & Somerset Police in fighting cycle crime, and his sentencing has seen him banned from having a bike in his possession without an original receipt.

Leeds Police & City Council Team Up To Combat Bike Crime

24 Feb 2022

Officers from West Yorkshire Police in Leeds have teamed up with Leeds City council in a joint initiative to encourage cycling and combat cycle crime in and around the city.

Malvern Hills District Council Helps Keep Bikes Safe

7 Feb 2022

Local residents were offered the chance to keep their bikes safe from thieves at a series of bike marking events held across the Malvern Hills District.

We're hiring - Full Stack Laravel Developer

18 Jan 2022

BikeRegister, the UK's National Cycle Database, is looking for a full stack developer on our Web Development team. As part of the team, you will contribute to various web applications across a variety of frontend and backend disciplines. The ideal candidate has at least 2-7 years of experience working as part of a team on small, medium and large-scale applications.

The Power of Registration

29 Dec 2021

BikeRegister customer Alwen Wiederhold claims that without registering his son's bike he doesn't think it would have ever been returned.

School Sets Up Family Cycle Library

13 Oct 2021

The Burlington Danes Family Cycle Library in West London is aiming to help more parents and children to cycle to school and for leisure.

Bikes for Schools

10 Sep 2021

In light of post-Covid guidance on choosing a more sustainable way to travel to school, an organisation called Bikes For Schools has been set up.

Stolen Bike Returned To Grateful Owner With Thief Tackled To The Ground

1 Sep 2021

A stolen bicycle has been returned to its owner after the thief was tackled to the ground by police officers in Northampton town centre.

Cycle Crime Conference 2021: Let's Get Back On The Road!

26 Jul 2021

The sixth annual Cycle Crime Conference, hosted by BikeRegister, the national cycle database, in association with British Transport Police (BTP), took place virtually on 14th July 2021.

Olympic Champion Launches BikeRegister Scheme In Leeds

13 Jul 2021

Double Olympic Champion and Leeds Active Travel Ambassador, Alistair Brownlee MBE, recently joined Leeds City Council and West Yorkshire Police to launch BikeRegister in the city.

Protecting your bike if you cycle to work

24 Jun 2021

Never underestimate bike thieves – especially if you are new to commuting by bike.

Seen A Stolen Bike For Sale Online? You Can Now Message The Owner Direct To Alert Them

9 Jun 2021

A valuable new service has been launched for BikeRegister members that allows the general public to message them direct should their beloved bike be seen listed for sale online.

NHS Heroes Given Unclaimed Stolen Bikes

29 Apr 2021

NHS staff in London have been given unclaimed stolen bicycles from police storage under a new scheme launched by the Metropolitan Police.

Pedal Protect Reduces Bike Theft By 25%

26 Mar 2021

Police Scotland has partnered with BikeRegister to help tackle bike thefts as part of an ongoing national campaign.

Top 10 Bike Recoveries

19 Mar 2021

With one bike being recovered as quickly as 20 minutes after the theft, to another turning up 10 years later, these Top 10 recoveries from BikeRegister prove the system works; returning stolen bikes to grateful owners and helping to reduce and deter bike crime.

Investing in Safer Streets

8 Mar 2021

The Safer Streets Fund forms part of the UK government’s concerted action to tackle crime.

Bike Returned After Mugging

3 Mar 2021

Nick Sharman, a local councillor for Tower Hamlets, was really pleased to get his 13-year-old son’s bike back after it was taken from him by force in July 2020.

What More Can Retailers Do To Protect Stock?

2 Mar 2021

In these difficult trading times, bike shops need to take advantage of new technology to protect their stores and staff.

The Rise Of The E-Scooter

25 Feb 2021

We have had queries about registering e-scooters on our BikeRegister database, and our advice would be to mark and register them as soon as possible after purchase at in the same way that you would a bike.

City of London Police Recover Doctors’ Bikes

8 Feb 2021

With more and more people opting to cycle into the City for work during the coronavirus pandemic, City of London Police has seen an unprecedented rise in bicycle thefts.

Q&A with David George, CEO of Bikmo

2 Feb 2021

As BikeRegister and specialist cycle insurer Bikmo join forces in a new partnership, we ask David George, CEO of Bikmo a few questions...

New Partnership With Bikmo Cycle Insurance

1 Feb 2021

BikeRegister and Bikmo, specialist cycle insurer, have announced their new partnership.

Bedford Council Donates 100 Marked Bikes To NHS Workers

27 Jan 2021

Over 100 free bikes that have been marked and registered on BikeRegister have been given to NHS key workers in Bedford.

BikeRegister Rides to 1 Million Registrations

20 Jan 2021

BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database, is delighted to announce its millionth registration to, as bike owners across the UK race to join the movement to reduce cycle crime.

Winter Cycling: How to Protect your Bike from Theft

12 Jan 2021

Cycling during the wet and windy winter months can be a challenge - but that doesn’t mean your bike needs to go back in the shed just yet.

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