Successful Bike Recovery Thanks To Lancashire Police

15 May 2024

Lancashire Constabulary successfully returned a bike to it's rightful owner recently, thanks to the frame being marked with a BikeRegister Membership Plus Kit

Collaborative Efforts Help Reduce Cycle Crime by 15% in West Yorkshire

2 May 2024

Over the last few years, West Yorkshire Police have spearheaded partnerships with 3 local authorities to promote the use of BikeRegister, with the ultimate goal to reduce cycle crime in the local areas.

City of London Police’s Layered Approach to Improving Cycle Safety

29 Apr 2024

City of London Police have initiated a new Cycle Response Unit in order to crack down on cycle safety.

Highway Cycles Partners with BikeRegister to Deter Cycle Crime

23 Apr 2024

With cycle theft on the rise, retailers are having to take proactive measures to ensure that the bikes stay in the hands of the rightful owner, including partnering with BikeRegister to deter theft.

Proactive Bike Recovery thanks to Avon and Somerset Police

19 Apr 2024

A stolen bike was recently reunited with its rightful owner, thanks to proactive policing and the use of BikeRegister.

Bike Thefts Fall by 15% in Leeds

15 Apr 2024

Due to the rising rates of bike theft in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council have partnered with BikeRegister to offer bike marking in order to deter and reduce cycle crime.

Merseyside Police Gear Up to Reduce Cycle Crime

10 Apr 2024

In response to increasing levels of cycle crime, a strong partnership approach with BikeRegister and a focus on prevention is helping to tackle theft and robbery offences involving high-value bikes.

Cambridge Cycle Thefts down by 35%

8 Apr 2024

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have recognised that cycle crime is the “most prevalent single offence category” in Cambridge, and have proactively reduced cycle theft within the city by using BikeRegister.

Surge Bikes Fights Back Against Cycle Crime

3 Apr 2024

Surge Bikes, an e-bike retailer based in Basingstoke, have proactively taken measures to deter cycle theft by partnering with BikeRegister – the UK’s National Cycle Database.

The Cycle Co Gears up to Tackle Cycle Crime

28 Mar 2024

Retailers across the country are amplifying their processes in order to combat the rising pressures of cycle crime in partnership with BikeRegister

Bike Recovery Success Thanks to Vigilant Member of Public

24 Mar 2024

A member of the public discovered he bought a stolen bike off eBay. He explains how BikeRegister helps him reunited it with its rightful owner.

Colchester Cyclist Reclaims Stolen Bike Thanks to BikeRegister

20 Mar 2024

A cyclist from Colchester was reunited with her bike earlier this month, when it was stolen outside her local shopping centre, thanks to BikeRegister.

Fettle Makes its Mark with BikeRegister

8 Mar 2024

Cyclists are set to benefit from a new bike marking partnership with Fettle, following a successful launch event in the Fettle-KwikFit workshop in Bristol.

MathWorks Takes Proactive Measures to Deter Bike Theft

23 Feb 2024

To help deter bike thieves, MathWorks, an organisation that specialises in mathematical computing software, at Cambridge Science Park hosted a bike marking event for their staff.

Proactive Measures to Deter E-Bike Theft

26 Jan 2024

Retailers and manufacturers now realise that ‘fear of theft’ is a very legitimate barrier to customers buying high-value bikes, in particular e-bikes.

60% Reduction in Cycle Thefts in Cambridge City Centre

26 Jan 2024

In 2020, Cambridge City Community Safety Partnership initiated a multi-agency task group, chaired by Cambridge City Council, to combat cycle crime and anti-social behaviour. As a result, there has been a 60% reduction in cycle thefts from 2019 to 2022.

Personal Robbery Reduced by 63% in Merseyside

3 Jan 2024

Officers from across various police forces took place in 'Operation Calibre' from the 6th - 12th November, in order to tackle robbery and serious violence.

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