Bike Theft Set To Crumble

26 Oct 2017

Following a spate of bike thefts at a business improvement district (BID) in Bermondsey, south-east London, a new scheme is being launched to help tackle the problem.

2017 National Cycle Crime Survey Results

14 Sep 2017

The results of the 2017 National Cycle Crime Survey are revealed following yesterday's Cycle to Work Day. The new national survey provides valuable insight into bike ownership, theft profiles and the most popular security measures used to protect them including locking, marking and registration. Commissioned by BikeRegister, the national cycle database, the survey exposes bike habits of nearly 1,400 cyclists across the UK including how much they spend on a bike, how they protect it and what their hopes are for cycling in the future.

Lifeguard Buoyed By Bike Recovery

31 Aug 2017

A stolen bike belonging to a teenage lifeguard from Woodley, Wokingham, has been recovered and returned to its rightful owner.

Magpie Team Swoops In For Recoveries

24 Aug 2017

A white Santa Cruz bike worth £1,200 has been recovered after officers from Coventry Police Magpie Team spotted a youth acting suspiciously.

Winners Of The Cycle Crime Awards 2017

10 Jul 2017

Many congratulations to the worthy winners of the Cycle Crime Awards at the 2017 Cycle Crime Conference.

Breaking The Cycle of Bike Crime

7 Jul 2017

The third annual Cycle Crime Conference, hosted by BikeRegister, the national cycle database, in association with British Transport Police (BTP), took place in Birmingham on Tuesday, 5th July.

New BikeRegister Scheme Launches In Strabane

10 May 2017

A new bike marking scheme using BikeRegister has been launched in Strabane, supported by Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and Sustrans.

Bike Found During Drugs Search Is Traced Back To Owner

10 Apr 2017

An MPS Camden Town & Primrose Hill Officer flagged BikeRegister on Twitter to let us know about a stolen mountain bike he had uncovered during a police search.

Dumped Bike Recovered & Back With Owner Next Day

7 Apr 2017

Coventry Police were involved in this super-quick recovery, which resulted in a grateful owner getting his stolen bike back.

TV Presenter Timmy Mallett's Bike Found 60 Miles Away

4 Apr 2017

TV personality Timmy Mallett’s stolen bike has been found 60 miles from where it was taken and just 10 days after it went missing thanks to an eagle-eyed youngster and BikeRegister.

Man Arrested After Stolen Bike Haul Found In Garden

3 Apr 2017

Thames Valley Police have arrested a man suspected of handling stolen goods, after an enormous haul of 164 bicycles was found in his garden.

University of Oxford Deploys BikeRegister Across Entire Estate

28 Feb 2017

A new bike marking and registration system has been introduced across the entire University of Oxford estate.

Love it, Mark it!

14 Feb 2017

We put a twist on our growing Lock it, Mark It campaign, with a Valentine’s Day campaign that was run by British Transport Police.

Award for Bike Theft Innovators

27 Jan 2017

PC Dave Williamson of Durham Constabulary along with former partnerships liaison officer Ian Martin (now retired) have been honoured for their work promoting a scheme that has slashed the number of bike thefts in County Durham and Darlington.

Ready To Cycle All Year Round

24 Jan 2017

Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) recently hosted a Winter Ready drop-in session for cyclists in association with bike retailer Cyclelife - Brookes Cycles, Salford.

New Scheme Launches In Northern Ireland

20 Jan 2017

Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is offering cyclists the chance to have their bikes marked and registered on BikeRegister.

Over 600,000 Registrations

12 Jan 2017

BikeRegister recently hit another milestone! More than 600,000 bikes are now registered at

What To Do If Your Bike Is Stolen This Christmas

21 Dec 2016

Bikes are always a popular gift at Christmas time, so anyone who receives one should make sure they get theirs securely marked in case they’re unfortunate enough to have it stolen.

Recovery & Arrest Within 24 Hours For Lancashire Police

17 Oct 2016

Officers from Lancashire Police had a quick win resulting in the recovery of a stolen bike and the arrest of a bike thief just 24 hours after the bike had been marked and registered to BikeRegister.

Cyclist Reunited With Beloved Brompton Within A Month Of It Being Stolen

14 Oct 2016

A woman has been reunited with her beloved Brompton bike by City of London Police within one month of it being stolen.

Officers Put Shield Around Bike Theft

10 Oct 2016

Cheshire Constabulary is putting the brakes on bicycle theft with a week-long crackdown on opportunistic thieves.

Stolen Bike Recovered & Thief Arrested – All While The Owner Was On Holiday

28 Sep 2016

A bike was stolen and recovered and the thief arrested a full two weeks before the bike owner would have known anything about it, thanks to British Transport Police and national cycle database, BikeRegister.

One Marked Bike Leads To Recovery of 10 More

21 Sep 2016

Cyclist Danielle Thornton had her bike stolen along with 10 others from the underground car park at the building where she lives in Leeds.

#CycleSecureWeek Gears Up For Bike Crime Crackdown

8 Sep 2016

A dedicated week of action against bike theft is taking place from 12th-18th September and aims to deliver a total security message to London's cyclists - lock your bikes securely AND security mark them to deter theft.

Cash Converters Helps Met With Quick Recovery

31 Aug 2016

A bike that was taken straight to a Cash Converters in Leyton, east London, was flagged as being stolen within 20 minutes of the theft by vigilant staff at the store.

BikeRegister Network Across West Midlands

19 Aug 2016

BikeRegister is being used across the 10 police areas that make up the West Midlands Police Force.

Worthy Winners: 2016 BikeRegister Cycle Crime Awards

20 Jul 2016

A highlight of the Steering Clear of Cycle Crime conference was the 2016 BikeRegister Cycle Crime Awards Ceremony which honoured the great work being done by so many police forces using BikeRegister to fight bike crime.

Partnership Working Shifts Up A Gear At Cycle Crime Conference

19 Jul 2016

The second Steering Clear of Cycle Crime Conference, hosted by BikeRegister, the national cycle database, in association with British Transport Police (BTP), took place in Birmingham on Wednesday, 6th July.

Our 500,000th Registration

2 Jun 2016

Avid cyclist Jonathan Stather from North Yorkshire was the 500,000th person to have his bike registered to BikeRegister.

Haul Of Stolen Bikes Recovered In Tower Hamlets

31 May 2016

A total of 23 bikes have been recovered and returned to their owners in Tower Hamlets thanks to some great detective work from two Met PCSOs and an eagle-eyed ASB officer at a local estate.

BikeRegister Reaches Half A Million Bike Registrations

17 May 2016

Over 500,000 bikes are now registered on BikeRegister, the national police approved cycle database.

Journalist Reunited With Stolen Racing Bike

16 May 2016

A Bianchi racing bike has been returned to its journalist owner after it was stolen from a secure car park at Canary Wharf in London.

Bike Returned To Owner - Even Though It Hadn’t Been Reported Stolen

19 Apr 2016

A man whose Raleigh Mountain bike was stolen from his home on a canal boat in Bath was surprised to have it returned to him, as he hadn’t even reported the crime to the police.

Prized Bike Recovered After West End Theft

6 Apr 2016

A blue Viva Bellisimo has been returned to its grateful owner after it was stolen in London’s West End.

Police Warn About Bike Rack Scam & Encourage Bike Marking To Deter Theft

31 Mar 2016

Cyclists in cities are being warned that metal bike racks might not be as secure as they look and that they should consider visibly marking and registering their bike in case it is stolen.

Teenager Reunited With Stolen Bike

15 Mar 2016

Officers from Warwickshire Police came across an abandoned cycle on a main road in Stratford-Upon-Avon, in the early hours of Sunday, 13th March.

Stolen Bike Recovered In London Graveyard

14 Mar 2016

A stolen silver Raleigh Collette bike has been recovered and traced back to its owner thanks to an eagle-eyed member of the public and BikeRegister.

Police Warning For Cyclists Using Cycling Apps

24 Feb 2016

Cycling apps which map your route whilst riding are believed to contribute to the increased number of high value cycles being stolen in Dorset, according to Dorset Police.

Grateful Owners Get Their Bikes Back

23 Feb 2016

These bike owners have had their stolen bikes returned to them thanks to the hard work of our Police Partners and the fact that the bikes were registered to BikeRegister.

Top 10 Most Targeted Cities for Bike Theft

18 Feb 2016

We recently produced a bike crime graphic of the Top 10 Most Targeted Cities for bike theft using the information stored on our BikeRegister database.

Cycle Marking With British Transport Police & Cyclepods

16 Feb 2016

One of our partners, Cyclepods, recently helped out at a British Transport Police (BTP) bike marking event at Sevenoaks railway station.

Lone Cyclist Identified Thanks To BikeRegister Marking

20 Jan 2016

BikeRegister doesn’t just help identify this case, BikeRegister was used to obtain the details of a man who had been involved in a collision so that police could inform his family.

Derbyshire Police & Derby Council Launch Cycle Secure

12 Jan 2016

DERBYSHIRE Constabulary and Derby City Council have teamed up with BikeRegister to offer bike security marking in Derby as part of a new campaign to tackle cycle crime in the city.

Festive Warning About Bike Theft

17 Dec 2015

BikeRegister, the UK’s national cycle database, is urging everyone who is considering buying cycles as Christmas gifts - and those who already own bikes - to take steps to keep them safe and protected from thieves.

Bike Shop Uses BikeChecker Facility To Recover Stolen Bike

15 Dec 2015

A STOLEN bike has been recovered after a thief tried to sell it to a cycle shop in Wandsworth and the observant retailer checked its status on BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database.

Stolen Bike Recovered In Just 2 Days & 100 Miles From Where It Was Registered

26 Nov 2015

A SWIMMER who was left with a sinking feeling following the theft of his bike has had it returned to him in two days thanks to checks made by West Midlands Police and BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database.

Bike Owner Has Stolen Bike Recovered Within 2½ Hours

9 Nov 2015

A MAN who had his bike stolen and recovered within two and half hours of registering it as stolen on the BikeRegister database has been reunited with his bike.

Stolen Bike Recovered Within A Week

2 Nov 2015

A CYCLIST who had his brand new orange Pinnacle Lithium bike stolen was extremely grateful that he had it registered to the BikeRegister database, as it was recovered to him within a week.

Danish TV Checks Out BikeRegister

20 Oct 2015

A Danish TV crew was recently in London to find out more about how BikeRegister is helping to reduce bike crime in the Capital.

BikeRegister Has A Brand New Look

25 Sep 2015

BikeRegister, the National Cycle Database, is proudly unveiling its brand new range of products and packaging today at The Cycle Show 2015, NEC, Birmingham.

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