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Bike Locks – which ones are best?

We are often asked which bike lock we recommend. Bicycle locks are improving all the time so it is not an easy one to answer but we have been protecting bikes for the last 15 years with BikeRegister etchings so here are a few helpful tips.

Buy the best you can afford. It’s normal you want to spend all your hard earned money on the bicycle itself, not all the accessories which can add quite a bit to your final bill. However, you should think why you bought the bike in the first place. If it was to ride to work, keep fit or just for fun, you need to protect it somehow. BikeRegister is great for deterring would be thieves as it gives your bike a unique stencil etch which is permanent and impossible to remove without damaging your frame. But you’d never want to leave your bike unlocked in public, even with a BikeRegister etching.
Spend 10% of the cost of your bike on your bicycle lock

That’s why you need to think about spending up to 10% of the cost of your bike on a decent strong bike lock. Typically, the majority of bicycle locks cost in the range of £40 to £80 and give you a decent amount of protection against bike theft. But remember, the more you spend, the tougher the lock and the harder it is for a bike thief to either pick your lock or cut the lock with a saw or grinder.

BikeRegister is run by Selectamark, a world leader in security products, a company that believes whole heartedly in “Tested” and “Approved” products, and that includes locks for bikes. So what are the names you should look out for? Top of the list are Abus and Kryptonite, closely followed by a number of less well known brands. We would always recommend bicycle locks which have the “Sold Secure” badge as that means they have been fully tested and given a rating of either Gold, Silver or Bronze.


Here is a list of locks you might want to look at first:

Abus Granit 54 X-Plus (SRP £89.99) - GOLD
Abus Sinus Plus (SRP £34.99) - SILVER
Abus Facilo 32 (SRP £26.99) - BRONZE

To purchase one of these Sold Secure approved locks please login to your account and view the 'Upgrades' page.

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