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How it Works

Once you register with BikeRegister, you will enjoy a number of benefits which mean your bike will be a less attractive target for thieves, and if stolen and recovered by the Police, your bike can easily be returned to you.

Firstly, your details are held on the secure online database, which all UK Police Forces have secure access to. If your bike is stolen you can ’flag’ it as stolen on the database, via your online account.

BikeRegister also provides protection for buyers and sellers of second-hand bikes. The ownership document (downloadable via your account) is your Log Book and provides proof of ownership for any potential buyer.

Registering your bike does not cost anything and gives you the following benefits:

  • Lifetime registration on the BikeRegister database
  • A registration LOG BOOK, to be used as proof of ownership
  • Secure online access to your account


Registering on BikeRegister means you could be reunited with your bike in the event of it being stolen, but it does not help make it a hard target to thieves. To reduce the chances of you becoming a victim of cycle theft, you can purchase one of the following BikeRegister Security Kits:

  • Membership Plus Kit (£12.99 + delivery) - A highly durable tamper resistant QR Code label that gives your bike a unique BikeRegister ID
  • Permanent Marking Kit (£19.99 + delivery) - A kit to permanently mark your bike frame with a unique BikeRegister ID. This product holds Police-preferred Secured by Design accreditation.
  • UV Covert Kit (£29.99 + delivery) - A kit to mark all of your bike’s components with hundreds of uniquely coded microdots, as well as a permanent, colourless UV etch and a high security TESA label to visibly mark your frame.


Please also note that not all frame numbers are unique, so choosing one of the security kits above is like giving your bike its own registration number.

Any bike with a painted or lacquered finish can be marked with the standard plastic marking compound. However, if your bike frame is uncoated carbon fibre, uncoated aluminium or uncoated titanium, then we recommend using our Membership Plus Kit.


All the kits can be purchased either:


How does the BikeRegister scheme work?

Please note that the BikeRegister Permanent Marking Kit now contains one stencil.


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