Taunton Police Fight Bike Theft

15 Mar 2012

With cycle-to-work schemes becoming ever more popular and with warmer weather tempting out more fair-weather cyclists, police in Taunton are reminding people to remember to lock their bikes up, not only when out and about, but when they are stored at home.

Local police teams in Taunton have been running cycle marking schemes in association with BikeRegister.com.

Sergeant Tony Crowter from Taunton Town Centre team: “Unfortunately we are experiencing the theft of bicycles around Taunton and sadly some of these crimes are due to bikes being left insecure.

“I would also suggest that some of the bikes that are locked up are still fairly vulnerable as people are using cheap locks or models that are incompatible with their particular bike.

“If you are buying a bike, I would ask you to think about where you are buying it from. Don’t create a market for thieves by buying a stolen bike, make sure the seller owns it. When buying a new bike, purchase from a recognised dealer. Buying stolen goods can have repercussions for the buyer as well as the seller!

“Uniformed and undercover officers regularly conduct ‘sting’ operations to combat bike theft. To those who engage in this type of crime think carefully, we could be watching you.”

Sgt Crowter suggests the following simple precautions to minimise the risk of theft to your bike:

• Invest in a heavy duty lock, the best you can afford that is a suitable style for you bike – make sure it reflects the value of your bicycle. £40/£50 or approximately 20% of the value of your bike is a good guide.
• Lock the bike up even when at home and preferably store it in a locked garage or shed out of view.
• Get your bike marked by police or your local cycle shop and registered on a website such as BikeRegister.com – it makes it easier for police to trace the owners if it is stolen and can also act as a deterrent. Consider electronic tagging.
• Where possible lock your bike in a specific bike park or in the site of a CCTV camera. Try not to lock your bike in the same place on a regular basis to decrease the chance of it being stolen to order.
•Take out insurance on your bike. Be sure to cover for thefts away from home. Take a photo of your bike and write a clear description of it for your own records. 
• You could also speak to your local bike shop for advice and the latest updates on equipment or look at the following websites.

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