Proactive Measures to Deter E-Bike Theft

26 Jan 2024
Proactive Measures to  Deter E-Bike Theft

Retailers and manufacturers now realise that ‘fear of theft’ is a very legitimate barrier to customers buying high-value bikes, in particular e-bikes.

To this end, Advanced Bikes and E-Bikeshop are two leading e-bike brands who are exploring new ways to keep the models they sell in the hands of the people who have paid for them.

Both brands are now on board with using BikeRegister as an extra layer of security to protect all the e-bikes they sell in the UK.

Customers are now being offered pre-registration to the BikeRegister database and a tamper resistant QR-coded security label, which can be stuck on the frame of their new e-bike before it even leaves the workshop.

Sophie Browne, Director & Co-Founder, Advanced Bikes, said: “One of the big barriers to owning an e-Bike is security and the fear of theft. We feel that as a distributor in the UK we have the responsibility and the opportunity to take this fear away from people.

“Therefore, we are very proud to have made a committed choice to pre-register all our Advanced e-bikes with BikeRegister’s TESA labels at no extra cost to the customer.

“The labels work initially as a deterrent which is very important to start with. In the event of theft, the registration with the UK’s biggest national cycle database really aids the police to do a more effective job with recovery. Then with our additional layer of a GPS tracker fitted into our RECO e-bikes, we are doing our very best to keep our e-bikes safe."

E-bikeshop is also keen to protect customers from the cost, inconvenience and heartache of e-bike theft and wants to do all it can to educate them on the security measures they can take.

Proactive Measures to  Deter E-Bike Theft

Martin Brown, Director and founder of E-Bikeshop, says: “We’ve seen a rise in bicycle theft and want to reassure customers we’re trying to do everything we can to help combat it. Particularly on high value bikes like e-bikes. For example, we often see the consumer only react after a theft has already happened.

“We want to educate new riders to take the appropriate security steps upfront. For a limited time, we’re giving away BikeRegister security labelling kits with all our e-bikes free of charge along with a tracker device and two weeks free insurance to kick things off.”

If you are a cycle retailer or manufacturer and are interested in offering your customers added reassurance against e-bike theft, email Louis Bennett, our Business Development Manager for more information: [email protected]

For further information and images contact: Jodie Fisher, Marketing Executive for Selectamark.

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