Keep Your Bike Secure This Festive Season

12 Dec 2012

As the festive season gets under way, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Safer Transport Command and Transport for London (TfL) are reminding cyclists to lock their bikes securely and follow ‘the three R’s’ - Record, Register and Report.

Record – Keep a record for yourself of your frame number, make and any other marks that can identify your bike if it is stolen.

Register – Register your bike’s frame number and other distinguishing features on the BikeRegister website - the MPS preferred cycle online registration service.

Report – If your bike is stolen make sure you report it to the police. Reporting the theft will enable police to check databases and contact the owner once the bike is recovered.

Project Cycle Ops Success

In the last week of November, over 18 people were arrested for bike-related offences, 677 bikes were marked and registered on and 11 bikes were returned to their rightful owners as a result of increased activity as part of Project Cycle Ops.

Project Cycle Ops is a partnership initiative between TfL, the police and cycling groups to tackle cycle theft from public places across the Capital using a range of tactics to crack down on cycle thieves.
Superintendent Stuart Trayler, Safer Transport Command, said: “We want Londoners to get on their bikes and enjoy cycling without the fear of theft, which is why we are asking people to follow our cycle theft advice.

“We urge cyclists in London to help protect their bikes by parking at a designated location, securely locking them and ensuring that they are cycle security marked.

The Safer Transport Command offer marking and registration events across London using BikeRegister, the UK’s leading online bicycle identification and registration initiative aiming to reduce cycle theft, identify stolen bikes and assist in owner recovery.

Supt Trayler added: “Reporting crime to police and keeping information about items registered on property databases up-to-date, assists police in restoring property to their rightful owners.”

Siwan Hayward, Deputy Director of Community Safety, Enforcement and Policing at TfL, said: “Cycle safety and security continues to be a priority for TfL, the Metropolitan Police and BTP as the number of people cycling in London continue to grow, and in the coming months we will be re-doubling our efforts to tackle cycle theft and disrupt thieves by ensuring we are sharing intelligence and using our resources as effectively as possible.”

He added: “TfL and our policing partners have made good progress over the last year with the introduction of the Cycle Task Force, and we will continue to work tirelessly to raise awareness of safety and security among Londoners.”

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