Collaborative Efforts Help Reduce Cycle Crime by 15% in West Yorkshire

2 May 2024
Collaborative Efforts Help Reduce Cycle Crime by 15% in West Yorkshire

Over the last few years, West Yorkshire Police have spearheaded partnerships with 3 local authorities to promote the use of BikeRegister, with the ultimate goal to reduce cycle crime in the local areas. The roll-out of BikeRegister has since facilitated multiple high-value bike recoveries, and as a result there has been a 15% decrease in cycle crime across the force area.

Since the initial BikeRegister training hosted by the Police Liaison for Selectamark, West Yorkshire Police have upskilled many PCSO’s and the Neighbourhood Policing Teams. They have also integrated the use of the BikeRegister app within the force, allowing officers to easily access the BikeRegister database to register new bikes or check the ownership status of suspected lost bikes.

Paul Denison, Force Crime Prevention Officer for West Yorkshire Police, has led the introduction of BikeRegister to local councils. Leeds County Council have since suppled all 7 of their Neighbourhood Policing Teams with BikeRegister event promotional material along with a number of BikeRegister Membership Plus QR Code Kits. Bradford City Council and Wakefield Council have since followed suit, providing BikeRegister gazeboes, mats and signs to facilitate in the hosting of the bike marking events themselves.

Going forward, Paul aims to expanding this partnership further within other local councils. He said: “We have done numerous bike marking events throughout the last 2 years, marking hundreds of bikes. They have been very well received by staff and a great way of interacting. The marking of so many bikes then brings with it some really good recoveries.”

Thanks to the partnerships across the local neighbourhoods, West Yorkshire Police have facilitated in the successful recovery of multiple bikes, including an e-bike valued at £3,000, which was loaned to a schoolboy to help him travel to and from school. The bike was unfortunately stolen from the bike park at his school, but had previously been marked at a bike marking event hosted by West Yorkshire Police. The Road Traffic Team later found the bike in the basement of a home during an unrelated arrest enquiry and were able to successfully coordinate the return of the e-bike back to the rightful owner.

For further information and images contact: Jodie Fisher, Marketing Executive for Selectamark.

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