Blackpool Makes An Impression On Bike Crime

8 Jun 2015

A LARGE number of bike thefts in Blackpool highlighted an urgent need to increase the public’s awareness of bicycle security.

Statistics from Blackpool Police show that from November 2013–November 2014 there were over 500 bicycles stolen from the street, with an approximate value of £143,000. 

Further to this, bicycles that were stolen from sheds and garages equated to a value of approximately £32,000 highlighting cycle theft as a serious emerging issue.

Consequently, Operation Impression was developed by the Community Safety Team at Blackpool Council together with Lancashire Constabulary, and aims to prevent thefts, educate cyclists and detect crimes.

Matthew Dougall, Community Safety Officer at Blackpool Council, said: “Bicycle coding offers an effective way of both deterring criminals and also enabling bikes to be tracked if they are stolen.”

One of the beneficiaries of the scheme was a community gardener who uses his bike and trailers to transport equipment for his work. He had previously had two trailers stolen and had to pay to replace them. Consequently, he brought his bike and replacement trailers to the event to get them all marked.

Blackpool Makes An Impression On Bike Crime

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