Bike Scheme Tackles Growing Thefts In Bury

10 Dec 2012

A new bike marking scheme set up in Bury, Greater Manchester, hopes to slow down the growing number of thefts in the area.

The initiative aims to provide cyclists with an understanding of how to properly lock their bike, while also giving them hope that that they may see their bikes again if the worst should happen and their bike is stolen.

Bury Police are using BikeRegister to mark bikes belonging to local residents at a series of marking events across the town.

During the marking session, police are etching the bike with a unique code – a set of numbers and letters - that correspond to the owner’s personal details as well as the make and model of the bike.

Police Community Support Officer Claire Diack said: “The code can be traced back to the owner of the bike, as their address, a password and the details of the bike are stored on the secure BikeRegister database.”

Although the bike mark doesn’t provide protection from theft, it does act as a deterrent and gives cycle owners piece of mind that they could be reunited with their bike if it is stolen.

“If they are the victim of crime, and the bike is found, then we will look for the bike mark,” PCSO Diack added.

“And if the bike has a mark, then we can access BikeRegister, find out who it belongs to and repatriate it with its rightful owner.”

With a recent spate of bike thefts in the area, PCSO Diack also emphasized the importance of properly locking bikes and owner responsibility to deter crime.

She said: “When you leave your bike, make sure that it is in an area that is over-looked. It’s fine to buy a nice bike, but it’s your responsibility to look after it. That means buying a proper lock, and making sure that you use it. The onus is on the owner.” 

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