Bike Registered AFTER Theft Recovered Within 3 Days

22 Aug 2023
Bike Registered AFTER Theft Recovered Within 3 Days

A Birdy R & M Rohloff 14-gear folding bike worth £4,000 and belonging to bike enthusiast Fran Jones was stolen on the first day of her new job in London.

As the bike was brand new, Fran sadly hadn’t had the chance to insure it yet. However, she was lucky enough to get it back after she informed Stephen Holt, Retail Trade Manager at the Bicycle Association, about the theft.

Stephen was a former work contact of Fran’s and he suggested that she get the frame number of her new bike from the retailer and then register the bike on BikeRegister, flagging it as stolen straight away.

Fran followed Stephen’s great advice and amazingly, a member of the public saw her bike for sale on an online sales site and alerted her just three days after the theft.

Fran then contacted the seller of her bike and arranged to meet them. She then agreed to ‘buy’ her own bike back, exchanging cash with the seller via bank transfer. Straight afterwards, she contacted her bank and explained the situation, but hasn’t been able to claim the money back unfortunately.

Fran said: “BikeRegister is a great idea and works really well – even if you register your bike after it has been stolen. I would never have got my bike back so quickly without it. Am so grateful to Stephen for suggesting I register my bike, as I would never have thought that was even possible.”

Stephen added: "It's proof the system really works."

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