Bike Crime Gang Disrupted

22 Mar 2023
Bike Crime Gang Disrupted

Leaving a bike unlocked for just a few seconds is all it takes to give a thief a window of opportunity, as Southampton cyclist Mark Evans (pictured) was unfortunate enough to learn.

Back in 2020, his black Carrera Crossfire bicycle was stolen as he left it outside a fast food restaurant while he grabbed a drink. Almost two years later, he was surprised to receive a call from Port of Dover Police after the
Carrera Crossfire was recovered by Police Sergeant Pete Erickson.

It has been discovered in the back of a van belonging to an organised crime gang, and if it hadn’t been intercepted it would have ended up all the way over in Romania along with a bunch of other stolen bikes.

Mark said: “Thanks to BikeRegister I’ve been re-united with my bike, and hopefully the other stolen bike owners have been reunited with theirs too! Great work by Port of Dover Police. This really is a miracle for me. Excellent to see the Police and BikeRegister are wrecking the thieves plans! Thank you again for making an impact to the world of cycling, one bike at a time.”

Remarkably, this was not Mark’s first recovered bike. In the space of time between the theft of his Carrera and its discovery by Port of Dover Police, another bike, which had been stolen earlier, was returned to him thanks to the BikeRegister marking on its frame.

He had attended a Transport for London bike marking event while cycling through the capital in 2019, which later helped him identify his stolen bike when he spotted it locally after the theft.

Needless to say, Mark is a big fan of BikeRegister!

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