What More Can Retailers Do To Protect Stock?

2 Mar 2021
What More Can Retailers Do To Protect Stock?

In these difficult trading times, bike shops need to take advantage of new technology to protect their stores and staff.

One product that is highly effective at boosting a store’s defences is the SelectaDNA Intruder Spray, a colourless, quick drying, harmless mist which can be used to link an intruder or thief back to the scene of the crime with its innovative DNA liquid that is unique to that particular site.

The intruder spray can be activated in two ways to work effectively in both day and night-time break-in situations. The spray can be linked to the shop’s existing security system and placed above an entrance. Once an intruder breaks in through the entrance and walks underneath the spray head, the spray will be activated, covering the intruder with the DNA liquid that shows up blue under a police UV light or torch.

To combat the rise in daytime break-ins, shops can alternatively give staff a wireless panic button which can be activated if they see a theft taking place.

Bike retailers can contact SelectaDNA directly ([email protected]) for more information about the spray and to arrange installation.

The SelectaDNA intruder spray was used in Manchester in 2018 as part of a police operation to protect high street businesses. In just nine months (Jan-Sept 2018), crime was reduced across the city by nearly a quarter (24%), and most importantly, all the retailers in the trial were not targeted a single time in 12 months.

In addition to modern security technology such as the intruder spray, retailers also need to register their entire bike stock to BikeRegister so that it is easily traceable back to the store in the event of theft.

Point of Sale registration is also an excellent idea, meaning the customer’s new bike is protected from the minute they exit the store.

For further information and images contact: Jodie Fisher, Marketing Executive for Selectamark.

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