Cumbria Constabulary Recommend BikeRegister

21 Feb 2012

Police in west Cumbria are recommending the use of BikeRegister after bike theft increased significantly in the area.

Over the last two months, more than 40 bikes have disappeared and officers have warned that they will have problems tracing the owners of the bikes they do recover unless they are marked and registered.

Many of the bikes were taken from insecure sheds and back gardens which are easy prey for thieves.

Sergeant Richard Farnworth from the Community Safety Team in west Cumbria, said: “There are a number of common factors involved with a majority of these thefts. It is not unusual for bikes to be left in rear gardens and yards either in the open or in sheds which are not secure.”

He said the local police teams supported BikeRegister where people can register their bike details on a secure database and mark the bike with a special code that is impossible for a thief to remove. If the police recover the bike, it can be easily traced back to the owner by checking the code on the database.

Sgt Farnworth added: “Whether your bike is top of the range, a standard model or even a child’s favourite toy, it is highly likely that the cost of replacing a stolen bike will far outweigh that of taking additional security measures, and that takes no account of the inconvenience and frustration of the loss.”

Cumbria Constabulary tips on securing bikes:

Home or away, always lock bikes when not in use – even for just a minute.

Invest in a quality cycle lock.

At home, keep bikes locked away out of sight. If in a shed or garage, consider installing a floor or wall mounted anchor lock for additional security.

Consider investing in a shed alarm, which can cost as little as £10.

Away from home, lock bikes to an immovable object, such as a lamp post or railings.

Mark and register your bike using BikeRegister.

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