The Brownlee Foundation

The Brownlee Foundation

BikeRegister are proud to partner with The Brownlee Foundation and are making a contribution to the Foundation for every BikeRegister kit sold.

Founded in 2014 by Olympic triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee, the Brownlee Foundation has had a huge role in encouraging children across the UK to enjoy sport, lead active lifestyles, and pursue the opportunities that sport opens up for them.

After their successes at the 2012 London Olympics Alistair and Jonny Brownlee decided that they wanted to bring the sport they love and continue to enjoy to those who might not otherwise have had the chance to experience it.

The mini-triathlon days hosted by the Foundation serve as an introduction for primary school children to swimming, cycling, running, and the challenge of taking part in all three back-to-back. Entirely free to attend, inclusive of all, and with an atmosphere geared towards participation rather than competition, these events can be enjoyed by children of all backgrounds and abilities. The events have grown from 1 in 2014, to a total of 14 planned across the North and the Midlands in 2024. Over 50,000 children have now tried their first triathlon at one of the Foundation’s events.

The Foundation doesn’t just pack up and go after holding an event, but uses the local connections made with coaches and sports staff in the area to develop weekly sport opportunities. It is determined to not only pique interest, but to provide the framework that lets those interests develop.

All the money raised by and donated to the Foundation goes towards getting and keeping children active. Some of these children may have a chance at becoming a future world champion, others may find triathlon to be their future guiding passion and others may simply have a fun, positive experience of being active, inspiring them to continue to do so. It is the Foundation’s mission to ensure that all these children have many opportunities to get whatever they wish to out of the sport its founders’ have always held so dear.

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