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With the Government's significant on-going investment in cycling, bicycle ownership continues to increase in cities and towns throughout the UK.  E-bikes are also playing part in the growth in cycling post-pandemic, and trends suggest that by 2030 around 30 million will be sold every year.

To sustain this trend, it is vital that cyclists are offered more protection against cycle theft. Research has previously shown that cycle theft is a bigger deterrent to cycling to work that being involved in a road traffic collision.  With the cost of living increasing in parallel to increases in the value of the average bike, bike theft is an attractive proposition for criminals.  Bike theft can be part of organised crime and is attractive due to the ease with which stolen bikes can be sold. 

Registering a bike with BikeRegister helps police and cycle retailers identify and verify the legitimate owner of bikes that have been stolen or are being resold.


    The Police encourage cycle retailers to offer bike marking at the point of sale (which means that the bike is protected as soon as it leaves the shop). This helps the police to return the thousands of bikes they recover every year which they cannot currently identify or trace back to an owner, because they have either no unique frame number or identifying mark, or are not registered on the National BikeRegister Database.

    All Bikes need to have a unique identification number which the BikeRegister system offers.

    Many cycle retailers already use BikeRegister, but there are thousands of retailers, second-hand bike shops and manufacturers across the UK that could benefit from using the system for their own purchases.

    Bike registration is vital in the fight against cycle crime and lifetime registration is free for all customers. Bikes that are security marked with BikeRegister are 83% less likely to be stolen than unmarked bikes.

    Cycle ownership can easily be transferred to a new owner in a just a few clicks on

    Some of the retailers and brands we aleady collaborate with include:

    Bespoke Solutions

    We also offer bespoke marking kit for retailers and manufacturers with company logos/bespoke wording.


    Retailers & Manufacturers


    A bespoke BikeRegster security label can contain your logo and a unique QR code. This comes in a bespoke packaging sleeve with a membership card, offering lifetime registration to the database. 




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