Describing Bike Parts Correctly

This page contains information of how to correctly identify the various components of your bike. Due to the increasing number of bikes being stolen and stripped down by thieves for sale of individual components, this is becoming ever more important.

As a bare minimum we require the manufacturer, model colour and frame number of the bike, but using the the description field, we recommend filling in as much information about the other components of your bike as possible. The Police will then be able to use this information to identify your bike should the need arise.

Below is a list of common bike components for use in your description.

What type of gear shifters do you have?

Dual Gear ShifterTrigger ShifterGrip ShifterTube Shifter
Gear ShifterTrigger ShifterGrip ShifterTube Shifter


What type of brake levers do you have?

Drop Bar LeverBrake LeverDual Brake/Gear ShifterSTI Dual Brake/Gear Lever
Drop Bar LeverBrake LeverDual Brake ShifterSTI Dual Brake Gear Lever


What type of brakes do you have?

Disc BrakeCantilever Brake‘V’ BrakeCaliper Brake
Disc BrakeCantilever BrakeV BrakeCaliper Brake


What type of pedals do you have?

PedalToe Clip PedalCleat Pedal
PedalToe ClipCleat Pedal


What type of front derailleur do you have?

Front Derailleur
Front Derailleur


What type of rear derailleur do you have?

Rear Derailleur
Rear Derailleur


What chainset and cranks do you have?

Chainset Crank


What rear cassette do you have?

Rear Cassette
Rear Cassette


Do you have front suspension forks?

Suspension ForksRigid Forks
Suspension ForksSolid Forks


Do you have flat or drop handle bars?

Flat HandlebarsDrop Handlebars
Flat HandlebarDrop Handlebar


What type of wheel hubs do you have?

Wheel Hubs
Wheel Hubs


What wheel rims do you have?

Wheel Rims
Wheel Rims


Do you have barends?



What saddle and seat post do you have?



Do you have a less common cycle with hub brakes or internal/hub gears?

Less Common Cycle
Less Common


Make sure you tell us all you can about your bike before you tell us about accessories!

MudguardsCrud CatchersCycle RacksBottle CagesLights
MudguardsCrud CatcherCycle RackBottle CageLights


Remember: The more information about individual parts on your registration the more informative this is. Front and rear derailleur can be different makes and types, especially if repairs have been done on the bike – don’t just say they are Shimano or Sram – tell us which type they are.

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