LPS1225:Issue3 specifies requirements for the composition and performance of an asset marking system such that, when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, the asset marking device may:

(a) enable a marked asset to be traced to the legal owner via a secure LPS 1224 database register linked to the marking system employed;

(b) act as a theft deterrent in the first instance by virtue of known existence.

What is certification?

Certification is third party confirmation that products, services, systems and personnel meet and continue to meet the appropriate standard. It differs from a test which is basically a snapshot showing that the product passed the test on a given day. Certification, through regular audits, ensures that the product continues to meet the specification.

Certification is beneficial to everyone in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the end client.

The certification process involves rigorous assessment and testing of products and services to ensure that they meet and continue to meet quality standards set by a team of experts who may be manufacturers, installers, designers, clients, regulators, insurers, engineers and scientists.

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