Last Updated: 09 September 2014

Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions. If your question doesn’t appear below, please email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Q. Once I place my order, for a Permanent Marking Kit, QR Code or Component Marking Kit how long will it take to receive my order?
A. After payment is received it will take up to 5 working days for you to get your BikeRegister marking kit. Often it is much quicker.

Q. After purchasing my kit, how long will my bike remain on the database?
A. All the details will be held on the database for the lifetime of the bike.

Q. Does that mean it is a one-off payment, with no annual charges?
A. Yes, that’s right. The only future charges would be if you lose the log book or log in details and require the office to manually reissue them. If it is done online there is no charge for this. There is a small charge to add photos

Q. How can my bike be identified as mine?
A. Police can identify a bike in one of three ways:
1. The Frame Number which appears on almost all bike frames (but is not always unique)
2. The unique Permanent BikeRegister Stencil Etching Mark
3. The unique BikeRegister QR Code Labels
4. The unique microdots in the BikeRegister Component Marking Kit

Q. What is the idea behind the Log Book?
A. The Log Book works in the same way as a vehicle log book does – proving details of who the bike belongs to. If you sell your bike, the Log Book is passed on to the next owner, so that the ownership details can be changed.

Q. Do the Police know about bikeregister.com?
A. Yes, we work very closely with the Police, and the marking product supplied in Silver and Gold kits are ‘Police Preferred Products’. The police have also carried out many Bike Marking Days with us in areas of high crime.

Q. How can I upload a photo of my bike?
A. Photo upload credits can be purchased from the shop. Credits can be purchased in packs of 1, 5 or 10 and can be used across all bikes on your account.
In order to upload a new photo, you first need to login to your account, click on the bike you wish to add a photo to, click the ‘Photo Uploads’ tab and then use the form to add your photo to the site

Q. How can I add a new bike registration to my account?
A. Adding a new bike registration to an existing account is a simple process and can be carried out in two different ways.
1. Login to your account and click on the ‘Register another bike’ button. Select the desired product and continue through the checkout process. Once completed, the bike will be automatically added to your account.
2. Visit our shop and select your desired product. Then click on the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button, fill in the email address of your existing account and proceed through the prompt to login. After completing the checkout process, the new registration will be automatically added to your account.

With both of the above methods, multiple registrations can be ordered at the same time. After completion, you will need to log back in to your account to insert your bike details.

Q. How can I transfer ownership of my bike?
A. In order to transfer your bike registration to a new owner, you will need to know their email address. Simply login to your account, click on the bike you wish to transfer, click the ‘Transfer’ tab and enter the email address of the new owner. They will be notified of the transfer by email and will need to follow the instructions provided to complete the transfer.

Q. How can I update the status of my bike?
A. To change your bike status to stolen, destroyed, lost or recovered, you first need to login to your account. Next, click the bike you wish to update and then click the ‘Change Status’ tab. Select from the dropdown list the relevant option and click update. If you are registering the bike as stolen, you should provide some details of the theft including the Crime Reference Number.

Q. What if my bike doesn’t have a frame number?
A. In order for your bike to be effectively protected, you need to provide as much unique information as possible. Although not always unique, we recommend you provide the frame number, particularly for free registrations, otherwise it will be difficult to find your bike on the system. If you have no frame number, we recommend our Permanent Marking Kit as a minimum level of cover.

Q. Can all bikes be marked with the permanent visible etching?
A. Any bike with a baked paint finish can be marked with the standard plastic marking compound. However, if your bike frame is uncoated carbon fibre, uncoated aluminium or uncoated titanium, then you will need to request our ultra-durable TESA Security label or aluminium marking compound. Please do this by calling 0800 587 4739, at the time of ordering online.

Q. How visible is the permanent etching on different colour bike frames?
A. The etching shows up best on light coloured bike frames. On dark coloured frames, the etching is less visible, but will still fluoresce under UV light. UK Police forces are aware that they should check for any markings under UV light and many officers carry UV keyring lights for this very reason.

Q. Do you sell Datatags or other RFID tags?
​A. We used to. However, so few frontline police officers have access to the scanners required to detect them that we believe they are fast becoming redundant in the fight against bike theft.


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